Our Objective:

At Bay Area Business Brokers, check we have one objective: to get you the maximum value for your business. We have expertise in virtually every type of business, including bars and nightclubs. Chances are that we have an expert on board, experienced in the sale of your type of business. This works in your favor because we are familiar with the challenges associated with the marketing of your business. Our aggressive marketing efforts ensure your business will be confidentially introduced to qualified buyers throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Our Strategy:

Bay Area Business Brokers provides each of its owner-clients with a comprehensive Marketing Action Plan that is designed to sell the business for top market value. The plan includes:

  • Competitive price and terms
  • A business profile for buyer presentation
  • Advertising tailored to specific buyer markets
  • Qualifying all buyers before presenting the business
  • Coordination of all activities necessary for a successful contract closing

When you decide to sell your business, your first step is to call Bay Area Business Brokers. Our highly professional staff is your guarantee that you’ll get the best possible deal when selling your business. We will also provide you with a well-researched business evaluation, addressing crucial areas of concern that must be dealt with when selling your business.

Our Team:

James Nero, Senior Broker