Expertise–every step of the way

With experience in advertising,  marketing,  financial reporting and high technology, Bay Area Business Brokers knows how to accomplish every step of the selling process, from the creation of marketing materials, to advertising, to negotiations, to contracts and close of escrow. Having sold numerous business of all different types and sizes, including a business that was sold for $5.3 million, Mr. Nero know how to get you to the closing table in the shortest time, and with the maximum reward for your many years of hard effort.

We receive constant compliments from buyers on our Confidential Business Summary. It’s more comprehensive, more informative, and much more readable than the marketing material produced by most other business brokers. It really tells a compelling story about your business. It takes many hours to produce, but it pays great dividends in the form of buyer interest.

Not just anyone receives the Confidential Business Summary. Only a well qualified buyer who signs a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement earns the privilege of reading this document, as a precursor to a face-to-face meeting with you. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of the business sale. We understand that public knowledge of a potential sale can affect the attitudes and actions of customers, employees, competitors, lenders, suppliers, or investors, and thus the value of the company. We also want to safeguard the employment status of a potential Buyer while he considers a very important change for his future.

Our service, dedication and drive is your guarantee that if you are prepared to sell your business, we are ready to sell it for you.